HEAVEN Novel/CD Release Party
July 30, 2010
 = Silent Charity Art Auction & Raffle =
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Bid on a Professional Photo Shoot with Margie Woods Brown

includes 10 edited images on disc

Bethany Webb, Creative Yogini. Bid on Bethany’s “Tree” shown here.

More of Bethany’s beautiful works (below) will be on display.

See larger images on her website & get dimensions.


“Entwined in the Divine”

“Transcend the Ego”

“Hello Nature”

“Hatha, The Sun & Moon”

More images coming soon from artist, Robert Reedy.

Purchase Tickets

Tickets to this event are limited, so please purchase early!

Bid on the cover photo & art from the Heaven novel dust jacket.

Photograph & design by multi-disciplined artist, Kelly Brown,

Studio Honey.

Museum quality print.

Bid on framed art photo by photographer G3. Other works below will be on display as well.

Bid on framed watercolor, “Naked Nun”,

from Tammy Bond & see other works on display.

Bid on framed photo by photographer Steve Watkins. Steve will be photographing at the event! Be sure to visit with him about

capturing some shots of you!

Bid on gallery wrapped canvas print from watercolor by Kim Brown Cain.


“Naked Nun”

“Release from the Chains of Greed”

“Vortex of Peace Within”

“Bound to the Strings of a

Puppeteer named Ego”

Bid on framed, hand-tinted photos

by photographer, Patty Litterer.