Readers of HEAVEN Have Their Say!

"FINALLY, a fabulous story that so beautifully rattles the cage of many old school religious beliefs. Heaven will rock and shock you. Eve, the exotic dancer has come a long way through history to rock your world and shed a new light on the divine feminine. It's a rather juicy read and quite the page turner. If you are a spiritual seeker, you'll find ancient wisdom in this very modern day story. It's just oozing with gems to be discovered." - J. Riley, Dallas, TX

"I typically read non-fiction for spiritual material & fiction for entertainment; it was a refreshing change to read a book that blends enlightenment & entertainment in one. I'm always looking for new or differing views of God concepts to glean something that resonates. I devoured the book; It was a pleasure!" - Elizabeth S, Los Angeles, CA

"I'm not religious because I went to Catholic schools & religion was pushed down my throat. This book is refreshing; it will make you really think about your beliefs. This is what reading should do, take you out of your everyday life. I love the use of actual music lyrics. If you like Light Before Day by Chris Rice, read Heaven. Both authors are intriguing & weave stories that bring you into the characters lives & make you want to know more. Heaven is a great read!" Chuck P, New Orleans, LA

"Enjoyable! Humor in the midst of spiritual elevation through the exploration of Exotica!" - Tamika S, Nashville, TN

"I Love this book! The story is a blueprint for living. Eve is a living, loving example of how to incorporate Spirit into daily life. She is Open, allowing God(dess) to move, speak & BE through her. So simple; so beautiful! I will read this book again & again to remind mySelf to embody Spirit as Eve does. I've been expanding into the Feminine Face of God through Exotic Dance classes. That feeling of Power rising up through me when I dance, as Eve describes, has carried into my daily life & transformed me. Reading "Heaven" caused me to clap my hands in glee & yell YESSSS!!!" - Kathy S, Flint, M